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Harry is a highly adventurous boy who likes to use his imagination daily. One fine morning, Harry receives an interesting letter, telling him that he has inherited something from his great Uncle George, who lived in far away in America. Harry’s imagination begins to run wild and he is convinced he has inherited an absurd amount of money. Imagine Harry’s disappointment when he learns that he has inherited an African grey parrot instead! The parrot answers to the name Madison (Mad for short), and we soon learn that this bird is no ordinary bird. You see, Harry’s great uncle was a professor of linguistics and Mad learned a lot from George. Not only can Mad talk, but he can actually have full conversations with you. Mad is highly intelligent and possibly more intelligent than most humans! Like most of Dick King-Smiths books, Harry’s Mad has a memorable character and playful humour.As the story progresses, Mad makes Harry aware of the important fact; if anyone was to find out that he was different from the ‘average parrot’, they would have every newspaper man, television interviewer, scientist and showman to their door. Harry must inform his parents about Mad’s talent but they decide to have some fun first, playing funny tricks on them. After the two have had their fun, they tell Harry’s parents. Whenever friends and family call over, Mad performs like a normal parrot, repeating words like ‘hello’ and ‘pretty Polly’. It is vital that the family act as normal as possible when others are around……This fabulous story is suitable for those who enjoy the use of slight exaggeration and imagination. Mad becomes an instant family member and Harry and Mad become the best of buddies, becoming inseparable. They have great fun chatting constant and playing games like chess and monopoly. It’s fantastic how Madison turns out to be a great help to Harry, especially while doing his homework! The relationship between Mad and every member of the family grows stronger and stronger every day. Life couldn’t be better for the Holdsworth family. That is, until one fine day when a burglar breaks in their house looking for valuables but he ends up stuffing Mad into his bag to shut him up. Will the Holdsworth’s ever see Mad again? Is mad intelligent enough to find his way back to the family? Read the book and see for yourselves!!This is a heart-warming, humorous book about owner - pet relationships. This book would appeal to children who enjoy animal fantasy. This book would be suitable for children aged 7 to 12 years old. Younger children would also enjoy it, as a sprightly read aloud. This book is just over 100 pages long and it contains short paragraphs, maybe ideal for a bed time story. Children could discuss different aspects of this book in great detail for e.g. in PSHE it would be suitable to discuss relationships. Perhaps, in Literacy, this book would be fun to use in alternative story endings. I’m sure the children would have some creative ideas for an exciting, alternative ending.

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