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An alternate cover edition can be found here.Set in the future - a world where the past is a dangerous country, not to be talked about or visited - J is a love story of incomparable strangeness, both tender and terrifying.Two people fall in love, not yet knowing where they have come from or where they are going. Kevern doesnt know why his father always drew two fingers across his lips when he said a world starting with a J. It wasnt then, and isnt now, the time or place to be asking questions. Ailinn too has grown up in the dark about who she was or where she came from. On their first date Kevern kisses the bruises under her eyes. He doesnt ask who hurt her. Brutality has grown commonplace. They arent sure if they have fallen in love of their own accord, or whether theyve been pushed into each others arms. But who would have pushed them, and why?Hanging over the lives of all the characters in this novel is a momentous catastrophe - a past event shrouded in suspicion, denial and apology, now referred to as What Happened, If It Happened.

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